MK Marathon raises whopping £9500!!
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As our legs are beginning to feel like our own again and we get back into our routines, the Milton Keynes Marathon weekend of events, seems a distant memory, yet it leaves a huge impact on Harry’s Rainbow and the families we support! 80+ runners took the MK streets over Sunday and Monday taking part in either the 5k Rocket Race, the Superhero run, the Marathon Relay, Half Marathon & full 26.2 mile Marathon and have collectively raised over 9.5k !!! This is an incredible amount and has far exceeded expectations. Sponsor money has not yet finished being collected so this could easily reach £10,000.

The runners were all amazing, as were the supporters who gave us all so much support with their cheering & applauding! It really is a team effort and between our fab volunteers, the supporters out of the course and our runners, it really was a recipe for long lasting memories.

Congratulations to Paul Rose who completed his 100th marathon, wearing his specially designed ‘Gold 100’ tee shirt (also worn by his co-runners) and John Mawson who picked up his legend medal for completing 5 MK Marathons.

Special thanks must go to MKGas 24/7, Dougies Garden Services for sponsoring our vests & Ian Ashley Photography for taking some fantastic photos !

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