10 Hampers donated from companies across MK!

Each year Harry’s Rainbow work with local companies, organisations and the community to create Christmas Hampers for those of our families who are either facing their first Christmas without their loved ones or who registered with us very early on in the year following their first Christmas. This year we will be delivering 10 hampers in MK, Olney & Towcester and will travel almost 100 miles!

The hamper appeal began 2 years ago when one of our supported families contacted us with the idea as they had already put together some hampers for those less fortunate than themselves. The intention is help ease the burden Christmas can bring when you are desperately missing a significant member of your family, for children this could be their Mummy, Daddy or brother or sister!!

We have been so fortunate this year to have received significant help from Brett & Carly at Saxon Bridge who not only let us have use of one of their Practical vans to deliver the hampers but their staff have also created a hamper for the appeal. https://www.saxonbridge.com/

Sarah, Gemma and their wonderful teams at DHL People Services in CMK made an impressive 5 hampers between them, and Ruth from the Santander Technology site at Shenley Wood has rallied up her teams to create a further 3. Brioche Pasquier staff have not only created a hamper but have also purchased 23 children’s gifts for all of the hampers due for delivery!

The kindness, compassion and generosity of these wonderful people is extraordinary and really does deserve some gratitude. I know they will all sleep well this Christmas!


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