35 families enjoy a Christmas visit to Mead Open Farm

Our trip to Mead-Open Farm on Saturday was a huge success with so many children enjoying the bespoke package we had put together with the Farm. The families were able to enjoy the Christmas Kingdom experience and collect a special photograph with Santa, as well as all the additional Christmas fun and the usual farm fun that is offered. We also had a private area where we could enjoy a hot drink, lunch and sweet treats or just a break from the cold! The best part by far thoughhas to be looking through these photos and seeing the smiles on those faces, as well as receiving this lovely feedback which exactly reflects what we aim to achieve 😍 * I have annonomised the names*
“This was only our 2nd meet with Harry’s Rainbow and me and (my child) were made to feel so at ease by everyone it was lovely. The day was amazing and very well organised by all those that were part of it. The best part for me was watching ( my child) enjoy each every moment of it as well as striking up a friendship with a little boy who had also lost his dad. I cannot describe the relief I now feel seeing that (my child) doesn’t feel so alone and he finally feels like he belongs somewhere and that is all thanks to you and all the fantastic work put into Harry’s Rainbow. He was so sad to leave and said he cant wait for the next group in January. Thank you to you and all of your team that work so hard to put positivmead1 mead2 mead5 mead6 mead7 mead8 mead9 mead12 mead13ity back into these special children’s lives, we are so grateful now to be a part of Harry’s Rainbow”

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