Meet the Team

Our Core Team includes the founders, Lee (Trustee) and Odette (Charity Operations Manager), Emma (Fundraising Manager), Genette (Schools co-ordintor and Trustee) as well as 4 additional Trustees. This team of 8 are responsible for the running of Harry’s Rainbow and ensuring we meet our charitable aims and objectives.

We have an additional team of 3 Events coordinators who work closely with the Core team to organise and run successful fundraising events as well as the Christmas and summer event for our registered service users.


A team of dedicated volunteers help to run our Rainbow group, along with the facilitator Donna and the Charity Operations Manager to ensuring the service users that attend are happy and comfortable.


In addition to those listed above we have a number of volunteers who help us to fundraise, organise and offer general support to help us to achieve our goals.

We are always looking for additional help and volunteers so please get in touch if you’d like more information!

Odette Mould


Harry’s Mummy – Charity Operations Manager

I feel very passionate about helping and supporting children after the death of a loved one, and also their parents! I was full of such mixed emotions about what I should do for my daughter Jessica after Harry died and had no idea where to turn to for help. She is his twin and because of their unique relationship, the closest that anyone would ever get to him. She knew him longer than any of us. I could have lain in bed all day long never to breathe the air that was just on the other side of the duvet, but, no matter how strong these feelings were, I just could not let my daughter down. After experiencing such devastation at such an early age I needed to keep myself together for her. My son Harry was a blessing to me and always will be.

I like to talk about him like I do about all my children and I think about him always. He will never be far from me and the love I have for him is what continues to spur me on to help others.

I am extremely passionate about supporting bereaved children and their families.

Lee Mould

Harry’s Daddy – Trustee with additional responsibilities for Events Management.

Your child dying is the worst thing that can happen to any family. Harry was a special, bright, clever and loving son. He never leaves my thoughts for a second and that’s why starting Harrys Rainbow to help others gives me a way to honour his memory. I achieved a goal I never thought I could by running the London Marathon in 2011 to raise funds for Child Bereavement UK. Harry and my family were with me all the way and kept me going to the finishing line. I went on to run 2 further marathons and half marathons and organised our very first running team to fundraise for Harrys Rainbow, which raised £15,000. I will always play a large part in supporting our objectives to help bereaved children and their families, knowing that the support is offered from a family who know first hand the devastation of losing a child.

Suzanne Heaps

Trustee & Chairperson

Suzie is a very close family friend and as Harry’s Godmother wanted to be a part of his legacy.

“Hi I’m Suzie, not only am I a trustee to this fantastic charity, but I’m also lucky enough to be one of Harry’s Godparents, and how proud I am to be. Harry was amazing, such a bright, talented and exceptional boy. That was ALWAYS full of laughter, joy and excitement.

Harry was very special to me and we built up such a bond. His cheekiness at bed time with his very inquisitive questions just to try and stay up that little bit later always puts a smile on my face. And its memories like this, upon many others, which I carry with me always.

Harry – Forever missed, but never forgotten.”

Emma Spenceley

Trustee & Treasurer

Emma joined us in 2012 taking on the role as Treasurer. She contributed hugely from this point and was instrumental in registering us with the charities commission in September 2012.

Rob Goddard

Trustee & Founder of Harrys Rainbow Runners

Rob joined us in 2014 as a trustee, however in 2013 he founded Harrys Rainbow Runners; a community running club aiming to get the community running and supporting charity. He manages our MK Festival event and Rocksolid events. Rob’s company Who2 Communications have sponsored events  and are heavily involved in Rocksolid Starz.

” I have always supported Harrys Rainbow as I wholeheartedly believe in what they do. I am very much into supporting charity in my community and I love helping with events and seeing the achievements runners make when they join our club.”

John McSherry


John became a Trustee in October 2015 after helping out as a volunteer on our events team.

“I’m delighted to be part of such a great charity, doing so much good in the local and surrounding area. I first got involved in Harrys Rainbow when I joined Harrys Rainbow Runners and loved the enthusiasm they have. I wanted to do more to help so joined the events team and found it very rewarding so when a position as a Trustee became available, I applied for the position. As a trustee I hope to offer as much support and help as I can to a wonderful charity. “

Lisa Boddington


Lisa joined us as a Trustee in 2015 following a period of time on our events team. She brought her daughter along to the 1st Jessica’s Mile event and has been a supporter of Harrys Rainbow ever since. She and her husband Richard volunteer at may of our events throughout the year.

Genette Whitfield